Diamond Grinding Discs Apollo-S 125 µm and 75 µm are to use as first grinding step after

cutting/embedding of samples for reaching flatness.

Diamond Grinding Discs Apollo-S 54 µm is to use as intermediate grinding step, 18 µm as final grinding step before polishing with diamonds or oxide suspensions on cloths.


Diamond Grinding Discs Carat 15 µm, 6 µm and 3 µm provide excellent results by preparation of coated materials, like airfoils, galvanized (zinc- and cooper-plated) parts

as well as samples, containing several materials with different hardness, like valves, cables etc.

Plato II

Diamond Grinding Discs Plato II contain metal bonded diamonds 125 µm, 75 µm, 54 µm and 10 µm are recommended to use for non-metallic samples, like ceramic, rocks, minerals, as well as glass, concrete, etc.

All Diamond Grinding Discs can be used in manual and automatic mode.

Standard diameters of 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm are being regularly in our ware house in Germany.

Special sizes on request.

For details, consult our brochure - (6,5 Mb)