Polymer films coated with different kind of abrasives.

Wide range of grain sizes from 60 µm (P240) down to 0,5 µm (P10000).

Easy to use: just lay the grinding film down on Grip Disc fixed on platen.

After grinding step peel the Grinding Film off. Reusable. No dirt, no traces of glue on platen.

For wet and dry work.

Diamond Grinding Films

for hard and brittle non metallic specimens, like ceramic, composites, rocks and minerals, especially for non water resistant materials for dry grinding.

Alumina Grinding Films

for fiber-glass, PCB, wafers, samples for SEM and spectroscopy.

SiC Grinding Films

alternative to classic SiC paper, reusable.

Our standard diameters are 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm and 400 mm.

Special sizes are on request.

For details, consult our brochure - (3,4 Mb)